ARPM spoke about achievements and issues of the Russian pharmaceutical industry

The Russian pharmaceutical market remains attractive for foreign investors. According to ARPM Director General, Victor Dmitriev the number of investors has not decreased even with the crisis and the market value reached $20 billion which gives it a strong position among other top 10 pharmaceutical markets of the world. Mr. Dmitriev gave a speech at “Future pharmaceutics. Russia and the U.K.” in Skolkovo. The population of Russia is among its appealing aspects for investors. It creates good conditions to quickly find patients for clinical trials. Among other factors that attract investors is the Russia’s developing science and production arises, and state support in terms of economic preferences for local producers. The conditions that were created within the Pharma 2020 program, helped attract over 2 billion Euro of foreign investments.
Another positive aspect of implementation the Pharma 2020 plan, according to Mr. Dmitriev, is the high interest in deployment of foreign company’s production facilities in Russia. Only 2 out of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies that are presented in Russia do not have a production facility in the country. The changes in the exchange rate of US Dollars to Rubbles made the production of pharmaceutical substances in Russia more profitable. Also, there is a consolidation of distributors. Pharmaceutical clusters are being developed fast and successful as well. We have Yaroslavl, Kaluga, and St. Petersburg’s clusters that created not only a great production base but only implement regional staff training for the industry. “Thanks to the success of the pharm clusters, the regional authorities have a stimulus to improve their regulation, in order to deliver new drugs faster to the market,” said Mr. Dmitirev.
The industry’s success is the result of constant interaction between business and authorities. “The federal law on “Circulation of Medicines” regulates every step of a medicine lifespan, from design and clinical trials to distributors and retail. Therefore, there is a constant work on addressing issues and adding amendments to the law. We also work on designing the work process of pharmacovigilance. The system only begins to work. There are federal and regional centers, however, we are not satisfied with a number of revived complaints about quality of medicines. Unfortunately, sometimes information on side effects is being used unethically. Physicians and other medical specialists speak on media about the low positive effect and big side effects for some drugs, however, there was no official complaints to Rosdravnadzor. Therefore, either the physician did not report a side effect and broke the law, or they purposely boggle in media.”
ARPM Director General appeal to solve some of the industry’s top issues: mechanism of compulsory licensing and harmonization of the single EAEU pharmaceutical market. “Russian pharmaceutical industry works within the world standards. We use world’s market recommendations that help us to develop,” concluded Mr. Dmitriev.

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