ARPM on the first results of the Federal Target Program

The first results of the Federal Target Program “Development of medical and pharmaceutical industry prior to 2020” were presented by ARPM Director General, Victor Dmitriev. Mr. Dmitriev spoke at the 10th since and practice congress “Rational pharmaceutical therapy 2015” which took place in St. Petersburg.

“Success of any new project depends on the level of trust of people towards the project. Back in 2000, when we began to talk about revival of the domestic pharmaceutical industry, we were considered as dreamers and not down to earth. We were not trusted by foreign colleges; we were not trusted by the medical community and patients. Today, according to the “Public Opinion Foundation” 64% of population is confident that the Russian pharmaceutical industry could  fully provide the country with all the necessary medicines. This is, probably, the greatest achievement of the past years. This number is the result of industry’s work on reconstruction,  and building new plant facilities, as well as designing conditions for localization of production of foreign companies; to launch R&D projects, and gain more products for company’s portfolios,” said Mr. Dmitriev.

Mr. Dmitriev also said that in order to implement the federal program it is important to perform a  a fast and productive work on all the major aspects, for example: preparation of scientific bases, personnel training, effective regulation, world recognition of certificate, healthcare reforms with a perspective of drug insurance.

“Was everything done to achieve the needed results? Of course not! We are only at the beginning and we have to do much more than what we have done so far. We should not give up because of our mistakes, but to identify and analyze them, and then fix issues and move on. We should be able to identify not only business issues, but also state agencies mistakes. To pretend not to notice failures, as well as to over exaggerate results would slow down the industry. We have both proud and not so proud results,” commented Mr. Dmitriev.

Mr. Dmitriev also spoke about the importance to completely transfer the industry to GMP standards. In order to finalize the process companies need to reconstruct production plants, closing of inconsistent plants, to create and legitimate inspectorate personnel as well as  it’s integration into international bodies. “We should close those factories that continue to supply the market with poor quality medicines. Only through a cooperative work of researchers, manufacturers, consumers and regulators we could achieve big progress.”

Another important aspect is a reform in education. First of all it is important to reevaluate educational programs and professional standards, as well as to provide opportunities for students to involved in production process from the beginning of education. Moreover, the future common pharmaceutical market of the EAEU, as hoped would help solve may regulatory debates.

Mr. Dmitriev also spoke about particular medicines that entered the market by the Russian companies. Those are a bio analog of Rituximaba- the first Russian drug of monoclonal antibodies; Innonafactor for hemophilia B; the first world analog of Velkeyd- Boramilan. Import substitution is to improve computability and exportability of Russian drugs.

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