ARPM on the current issues of preferential drug provision

“The system of preferential drug provision in Russia has been transformed several times in the past 15 years. The Government decisions to provide those in need with free medicines on the state expense was successful. Russian and foreign pharmaceutical companies that localized their production in Russia play an important role in formation of the state budget, and help implant the state program of the preferential drug provision,” said ARPM Director General at the VI All-Russia Congress of patients “State and its citizens. Patient-oriented healthcare”. Mr. Dmitirev also noted that the economic sanctions showed that if we would not allow domestic drugs enter the market, we can end up with no medicines at all.
Head of the drug provision department of medicines at the Health Ministry, Elena Maksimkina said that it is important to consider drug provision not only to the preferential patients, but all citizens. Mrs. Maksimkina also said that majority of people is not well-informed about the existing preferences. The monetization of the preferences in the decrees of the eligible people form 16 million to 3.5 million. Also, those people are relying of regional budgets, a lot of which are in deficit right now. However, there are some positive effects, thus, the program of the “7 nosology” was extended and increased by 58 thousand people since 2010. Most of the needed medicines were included in the List of essential medicines (ZNVLP).

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