ARPM member on strategic partnership with Brazil

A business forum “Russia- Brazil. Ways of cooperation” was held in Moscow. The meeting was attended by representatives of Russian and Brazil business communities.

               A round table on “Innovative technologies and pharmacy” took place. The outcome and the future of the bilateral relations in the pharmaceutical industry were discussed. Russia was represented by the representatives of  “R-Pharm” (ARPM member) and Brazil was represented by by the industry’s ministers, agencies and companies. The meeting was moderated by Alexey Ordzhonikidze. He noted that the goods turnover between the two countries increase by 20%. Russia is interested in cooperation with the developing countries in the area of pharmacy and biotechnology.

               A representative of “Biokad”, Roman Ivanov shared their positive experience working with the Parana Brazilian Technology institute. It was a mutual private and state partnership that starting in 2013 was working on transfer of the production of monoclonal antibodies by Russia to Brazil. Brazil has a production of “biocyzumab” today, and there will a full cycle of production of similar products within the next 6 years. It will help Brazil save around 40% on state purchases of these drugs.

               President of Technology Institute of the State of Parna, Julio Felix said that the pharmaceutical market of Brazil reaches 8.8% of the national GDP. The industry has a lot qualified personnel, Government support. He also spoke about a beneficial collaboration with “Biocad” and the transfer of technologies would be completed in 5-10 years.

               Deputy Minister of Science, Technologies and Information of Brazil, Emile Ribeyro Kyri noted that Russia has more investment in innovation in the private sector than Brazil, and the partnership with Russia will hopefully help Brazil to change the situation. She also spoke about the issues of the pharmaceutical industry, in particular there is too much of regulation when register a patent.

                The issue of personnel training was also discussed at the meeting. The Brazilians shared that there are students who study in Brazil as well as abroad. Mr. Ordzhonikidze invited students and pharmaceutical specialists to Russia. The participants of the meeting discussed localization of Brazilian companies in Russia. Mr. Ordzhonikidze said that the Russian Government would support those companies that decide to localize their production. 

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