ARPM is against the “second is extra” initiative and for reasonable amendments to patent legislation

On April 8, a strategic session of the Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, uniting the leaders of the local pharmaceutical industry, took place. During the session, the main goals and objectives of the Association for the near future were identified, among which: activities to improve the pricing system for medicines, adjusting regulations aimed at providing drugs to the population and ensuring the profitability of drug production, civilized and transparent development of the single pharmaceutical market of the EurAsEC, and a number of other industry-specific issues.

The ARPM members expressed a unanimous position on two widely discussed market issues. The Association absolutely did not support the initiative to restrict participation in tenders, called by market participants » second is extra», believing that there should be no discrimination against companies that have equivalent production licenses and comply with uniform licensing requirements.

Also, the members of the Association confirmed their readiness to continue work on improving the practice of implementing patent legislation, stressing that any novelties in this area should not worsen the position of drug manufacturers, regardless of whether they produce an original or generic drug.

“The session showed the unity of the positions of the ARPM members and made it possible to adjust the goals and objectives. We have identified the points of application of the greatest activities, and from today we will begin to implement our plans. The quality of the products manufactured by the companies remains our mandatory priority. We will continue to develop a dialogue with regulators to develop a balanced drug policy. The rational use of drugs based on a reasonable balance of the use of innovative and reproducible drugs to achieve the planned health indicators will become the main focus of the ARPM”- said the General Director of the Association, Victor Dmitriev, following the event.

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