ARPM has supported the new WorldSkills project

     In the beginning of March, there was the first stage of the «Young Professionals» contest according to WorldSkills standards in the competence of «Pharmacy» in the Institute of Pharmacy by the Sechenov University.

     The university joined the program in the end of 2017. The competition of skills in this industry is held in WorldSkills for the first time. This is the international movement whose goal is to improve and to develop professional skills. Students of universities and colleges from 78 countries take part in the «Young Professionals» contest. This event allows the participants to demonstrate their professional, individual and teamwork skills.

     «I congratulate all of us with the entry into the WorldSkills movement. This year we are taking part for the first time in the Championship in Pharmacy. This is an excellent start and a reserve for the future. I wish good luck to everyone, to achieve new victories and successes, to follow the Olympic motto: the main thing is not a victory, but the participation», — at the opening ceremony, the General Director of the Association of the Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Viktor Dmitriev said.

     «Each of us has its own goals and objectives. Going upstairs to this stage, I remember my championships and, of course, my PhD work. – Nelly Ignatieva, an Executive Director  of the Russian Association of Pharmacy Chains remembers. — I always remain a graduate of this university and just a pharmacist. Our collective task is to prove and show the skills, which you can demonstrate in the framework of this Championship. I wish good luck to all the participants. You are already winners!», — Nelly Ignatieva has noted.

     In addition, Galina Ramenskaya, a Director of the Institute of Pharmacy,  Lyudmila Korol, a Head of the Education Department, the representatives of the manufacturing companies and pharmacy chains, Rigla, A.V.E. and «Planeta Zdorovya» said kind words to participants.

     For three days the students of the 4th year of the Institute of Pharmacy demonstrated their professional skills in the modules prepared for them. All arrangements were equipped and as nearly as possible to the real conditions of pharmaceutical organizations. According to WorldSkills standards, the competitions were held in a closed mode — only participants and experts were in a room. The audience was provided with online broadcast.

     At the end of the competition, the winners were:


I place — Anastasia Sklifus (4 year, group 11)

II place — Victoria Barabanova (4 year, group 6)

III place — Natalia Polunina (4 year, group 13)


     In fall this year, Sechenov University will take part in the national championship on WorldSkills standards in the competence of Pharmacy.

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