ARPM expressed its concern regarding a potential shortage of inexpensive medicines

“The issue of proc formation from the low price segment still has not been resolved. Despite the President’s order, some companies have to produce medicines from the List of Essential Drugs (ZNVLP) at their loss. It is possible that this will affect some vaccines that are still sold based on the last year’s price (without accounting the inflation). Therefore, companies could just stop their production of their vaccines, and there could be the lack of necessary seasonal vaccines,” said ARMP Director General at the meeting of the RSPP and CCI industry committees.


Mr. Dmitirev also noted that there is still no certain criteria required for a single supplier. A representative of “Geropharm”, Valena Boyko commented that based on today’s requirements in order to get the status of a single supplier a manufacturer has to have a special investment contract, which is only provided to companies that plan to build a production facility in Russia. This mechanism can lead to a situation where the status of a single supplier will be granted to a foreign company that did not accommodate their production in Russia. Deputy head of the Department of the development of the medical and pharmaceutical industry of the Health Ministry of Russia, Alexey Alekhin admitted that the contracts with companies that do not have production in Russia are possible, however, long-term contracts will be made only with companies that produce their medicines in Russia.


Mikhail Murshko, Head of the Roszdravnadzoe reminded the producers that they are required to enter every information about every batch of medicines in the Agency’s database. Not following this requirement may result in fines.


In addition, participants of the meeting emphasized that the pharmaceutical industry would like to see greater consistency between the regulators. The absence of a single policy and the distribution of powers between the two agencies leads to a lack of interaction and reduces the effectiveness of the implementation of the state programs.

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