ARPM: drug prices will not rise

On May 21, a resolution of the government of the Russian Federation approving the amount of payment for the provision of labeling codes, which must be applied on drugs and other goods, comes into force. It will be 50 kopecks for one code excluding VAT. Codes for drugs included in the Vital and Essential Drugs List, whose maximum selling price is not more than 20 rubles, will be provided free of charge.

The Government of the Russian Federation in accordance with clause 3.5 of Part 1 of Article 5 of the Federal Law No. 381-FZ of December 28, 2009, adopted Resolution No. 577 of 05/08/2019, which established the procedure for charging for the provision of marking codes necessary for the formation of identification means and monitoring the movement of goods subject to mandatory labeling. Such service will be provided by the operator GIS — LLC "Operator-CPRT", which will begin to charge for the provision of marking codes from July 1, 2019.

Also, the order of 28.04.2018 N 792-p establishes a list of individual goods subject to mandatory labeling by means of identification.

ARPM Director-General Viсtor Dmitriev noted that “despite the legally established price of the labeling code, the prices of drugs from the VED list will not change. But if the production of such drugs becomes unprofitable, and even worse detrimental, then such drugs will be withdrawed from production. Compensation for the costs of marking codes will be due to those drugs, the prices of which are not regulated. "

Recall that the annual increase in prices for medicines not included in the list of vital and essential drugs is on average 9-10%, and for drugs from this list is

1-1.5%, respectively.

ARPM Press Service

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