ARPM celebrated its 20th anniversary

Sep 23 - Gala dinner, 20th anniversary of the Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
Sep 23 - Gala dinner, 20th anniversary of the Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

On the amber-autumn evening of September 23, the Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers invited friends to the hospitable Kaliningrad land to celebrate its 20th anniversary in a solemn atmosphere. To the melodic sounds of the saxophone, the guests, among whom were the heads of relevant departments, representatives of the pharmaceutical business and industry associations, scientific and educational communities, who had flown from all over Russia, arrived at the Kaiserhof Hotel.

The Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko welcomed the hero of the day, sending congratulations and noting that the Ministry of Health highly appreciates the activities of the Association to protect the interests of patients and expressed confidence that the work done by the ARPM will continue to be no less constructive, significant and in demand.

State Duma Deputy Andrei Gorokhov, congratulating ARPM, said: “National drug safety is one of the key conditions for the development and prosperity of the state and society. The Association makes a major contribution to achieving this goal: to the development and emergence of high-quality and affordable medicines, the introduction of advanced technologies, and the support and development of the pharmaceutical industry.”

Sergey Katyrin, in his congratulations on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, emphasized that “the public initiatives of the Association to hold the All-Russian Student Pharmaceutical Olympiad and support children left without parental care deserve high appreciation and comprehensive support.”

On behalf of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Alexander Shokhin congratulated the ARPM, wishing the Association members professional success and achieving their goals.

“During the organization’s activity, we have been able to achieve a lot in the development of the pharmaceutical industry in Russia. Together with the largest pharmaceutical companies, the Association contributed to strengthening the competitiveness of the industry, the growth of international cooperation and the formation of a single drug market within the Eurasian Economic Union. Thanks to our purposeful work, the Russian pharmaceutical market continues to develop actively, and citizens receive high-quality treatment with modern and affordable medicines,” said Denis Chetverikov, Chairman of the ARPM Supervisory Board, President of Akrikhin, in his congratulations.

Each anniversary is a joyful event and another passed stage of life, when the results are summed up, awards are presented. Thanking all those who, like the ARPM, directing their activities for the benefit of the health of Russians, strive to build a productive dialogue between patients, the industry and regulators, the head of the Association Victor Dmitriev, presenting commemorative medals to representatives of relevant ministries and departments and ARPM member companies, noted: “20 years have flown by like one day, and only rewinding the story like a film back, you understand how many milestones, events and undertakings have happened in these two decades in the pharmaceutical industry. And the Association is directly related to each of them: whether it is the transition to GMP standards, the implementation of the Pharma-2020 program, the fight against COVID-19 — our companies have always been at the forefront, setting an example of social responsibility and patient focus. I’m sure it will always be like this!»

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