ARPM at the forum of the Russian People’s Front

The Forum of the Russian People’s Front (ONF) “To high high quality and accessible medicine” was held in Moscow. Participants of the firm discussed issues and future of the health care system, as well as provision of the service to people.

               The Forum brought together over 600 people, which included activists of the ONF, trustees  of the President, healthcare experts, authorities, pharmaceutical and insurance companies, as well as producers of medical equipment, scientists, professors, students and journalists. On the first day of the forum the activists listened to the report on the situation in healthcare and discussed different issues at multiple topical platforms.

               The main part of the report on healthcare was made of results of the inspections and monitoring of pharmacies and out patient clinics. According to ONF, 70% of population are not satisfied with drug provision and price increase. 51% of patients have a shortage of preferential medicines in pharmacies. ARPM Director General, Victor Dmitirev spoke at the session on “Pharmaceutical and technical provision of healthcare”. I his speech Mr. Dmitriev noted the importance of the industry’s transient to GMP standards. The quality of medicines, according to Mr. Dmitirev, could be achieved through accordance to the manufactory standards of GMP, which include both production and inspections. He proposed, while implementing the President’s order to optimize control and supervisory functions, to unite those function in one agency with accordance to WTO standards. That agency will also be responsible for GMP inspectorate. “This policy would provide healthcare with high quality medicines, as well as maintain responsible drug production, and provide for the program of state support for those people who are in need,”said Mr. Dmitirev.

               Mr. Dmitriev also supported the motion of centralized state purchases at both federal and regional levels. That would help decrease budget spendings and make the whole system more transparent. His idea of tracking of medicines at the market through serial labeling of products was supported by the audience. The audience agreed that these measures would help prevent illegal turnover of medicines.

               The issues of legal norm on interchangeability of medicines was among the discussed topics as well. The espartos expressed their concern regarding the fact that the application if that motion would limit participation of domestic researchers and producers of medicines and biosimilars in state auctions. The concerns were triggered by a recent case in regional hospital of Saratov. During the organization of medical purchases of the drug “Impratropia bromide + Phenoterol” the customer practically introduced new criteria of allowance of medicines to participate in the auction. The customer labeled the two drugs “Berodual” and “Ipraterol-nativ” as interchangeable. The existence of a document that granted interchangeability before brought a dispute between economic entities within the Federal Antimonopoly Service.

The results of the forum and proposals were designed on the plenary session on September 7, 2015.



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