ARPM at the conference Life Science Invest

The Fifth International Partnering- Forum «Life Sciences Invest. Partnering Russia» was held in St. Petersburg and brought together over 350 participants. Among with there were state officials, heads of foreign and domestic pharmaceutical enterprises, as well as R&D scientist. The forum members discussed topics of development pharmaceutical research and educational areas of the industry, as well staff training and innovations in medicine.

“We set goals for ourselves not only to provide import substitution and create a unique domestic product, but also to integrate leading modern experience. Therefore, we introduce St. Petersburg and Russia to investors and for foreign companies to work with us,” said the Governor of St. Petersburg, Gregory Poltavchenko. He also noted that several projects have been implemented in the region. New factories were opened by “Novartis Neva”, “Vertex”, and “Solopharm”. “Polysan” sinned an agreement on strategic partnership with “Bayer”.

A representative of the Association of the Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Olga Pentegova participated in the session on regulation of pharmaceutical activity and drug provision in Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union. Participants of the meeting discussed issues that arise while designing legislation of the Eurasian Economic Union to form a common market of medicines which begins to work on January 1, 2016.

The countries of the EEU plan to approve 23 legal papers by the end of the year which are designed to regulate the future market. The main discussion today is about performing clinical trials and research and mutual acknowledgment of the results of trials that were hold outside the Union, as well as conformation with the GMP practice and deadlines for the transition to GMP. They also discussed issues of national legislation on mutual medicine interchangeability and centralized state purchases of insulins from a single distributor.

Director on Healthcare economics of “R-Pharm”, Alexandr Bikov spoke about the centralized  medicine serial and labeling system. Mr. Bikov mentioned a mutual pilot project of “R-Pharm” and “Origina” to implement the “iTrack” program that marks the secondary packages and tracks its transportation in the network. All the members of the trade chain should be involved in the system. The session participants agreed that the automatic system of labeling and tracking will improve the quality control and help fight fake medicines.

Direct of Economic Security of “Geropharm”, Andrey Akhnatev spoke on the practice of the Law on contract system. Despite the positive results of the Federal Law there were some violations in the regions. For example, some regions hold tenders with violations: lots are formed using trade names, while the Law states that the paperwork should only have the non-potent international name. Those restrictions prevent companies from applying for tenders. Mr. Akhnatev also noted that the system of centralized purchases gives everyone equal opportunities to participate in tenders.

The forum participants also discussed the issue of pharmaceutical staff training. The forum was hold during the 70 years anniversary of the Faculty of Industrial technologies of medicines of the St. Petersburg Chemical and Pharmaceutical Academy. ARPM Director General, Victor Dmitirev noted that there would not be that high level of development of the pharmaceutical industry in Russia and neighboring countries without the alumni of the university. Ivan Glushkov, Director on foreign affairs of “Stada CIS” that education at the university is the right pharmaceutical career path. Ivan Semenov, Vice-President on personnel and organizational development of “R-Pharm” thanked all the professors of the pharmaceutical department of the university for high-class graduates.


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