ARPM accepted «PharmaDiall» into its ranks

At the regular General Meeting of the ARPM members, held in the northern capital at the site of the STPC «POLYSAN», the «young» Russian company «PharmaDiall» became a new member of the Association.

Established in 2009, PharmaDiall LLC is engaged in “in silico” search, development, chemical synthesis, “in vitro” and “in vivo” testing, as well as organizing clinical trials and patenting new biologically active chemicals that can later become the basis of innovative medicines. The original anticoagulant «Dimolegin» developed by the company, which belongs to the class of direct oral factor Xa inhibitors, is currently at the registration stage. “«Dimolegin» has a unique prolonged pharmacokinetics, which can become a factor due to which our drug will become the best in the class of direct oral anticoagulants in terms of safety,” said Oleg Balashov, head of the company.

“It is gratifying to note that in this difficult time, Russian pharmaceutical industry continues to develop. As part of the import substitution program, the company has developed and successfully conducted preclinical and clinical studies of the first domestic anticoagulant. I am sure that there will be many such developments, and joint activities within the ARPM will serve as synergy in solving the common tasks that the industry faces today,” said Victor Dmitriev, head of the ARPM, at the end of the meeting.

Let us recall that the Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers was founded in 2002 and today unites the leading Russian pharmaceutical companies, which account for more than 90% of the Russian drug market.

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