Anniversary X-partnering «Medicines of Russia — towards an interdisciplinary dialogue» was held in Kaliningrad

The sanctions actions of unfriendly countries aimed at restricting communication and goods movement between the Kaliningrad region and the rest of the Russian territory are doomed to failure, the Russian exclave again proved this by gathering pharmaceutical industry professionals from all over the country, representatives of regulators, business, public and patient organizations on its land on September 22 , in order to discuss further improvement of the medical supply system for Russian citizens under the sanctions.

Victor Dmitriev, General Director of the Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, read out the greetings of the Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko to the participants of the Partnership. The head of the Ministry of Health noted that the implementation of constitutional guarantees to provide Russian citizens with medicines, regardless of their place of residence, was, is and will be one of the main tasks of the state in the social sphere. “Physical and financial availability of medicines, the regional agenda, regulatory innovations and their implementation are the main topics of discussion,” the greeting said.

Erendzhen Bashankaev, head of the territorial body of Roszdravnadzor for the Kaliningrad region, in turn, said: “The issue of the availability of medicines is more important today than ever, because health is an unconditional priority. For Kaliningraders, the opportunity to discuss topical aspects of drug provision under the sanctions with a team of like-minded colleagues is especially important today. And Partnering provides us with such an opportunity.”

The speakers of the event in their speeches touched upon the issues of drug policy at the regional level, legal and technical aspects of the regulation of the pharmaceutical industry, highlighted the main problems of drug provision from the point of view of a clinical pharmacologist, a specialist in the field of pharmacoeconomics, as well as a pharmaceutical manufacturer.

“We are going through a difficult time, but this is not only a time of solving everyday problems, but also a time of new opportunities. Kaliningrad Partnering, which rightfully became the All-Russian Forum, bringing together professionals from all over the country, having once again analyzed the topical issues of drug provision for citizens, proposed ways to solve them, both at the regional and federal levels. Once again, the industry has confirmed that no matter what political and sanctions storms hit the Russian pharmaceutical market, patients will always be provided with effective, safe and high-quality medicines,” the head of the ARPM summed up the results of the Partnering.

Recall that the Partnership is traditionally held in September and brings together representatives of the pharmaceutical business, relevant regulatory regional and federal authorities, patient and educational communities to discuss ways to further improve the provision of medicines to citizens.

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